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An unexpected gift….

On December 23rd I went to a holiday party. I always love going to this party because I get to spend time with friends that I don’t see as often as I like due to my travel. It was such fun catching up; talking about our grown children, upcoming births, weddings and more. It doesn’t get any better….friendships over 40 years old. I love how getting together is as if we were never apart. I left the party happy to have had the time with so many special people.

On December 24th one of my friends at the party had a severe stroke and passed away today. We are all in shock, saddened at the loss of such a vibrant, kind, funny woman and amazing mother. Eboo touched so many…last night we recalled seeing her at the party…she looked amazing and was so excited about becoming a first-time grandmother.

In an instant Eboo was gone….never again will I have a conversation, be able to give a compliment, to encourage, or tell her how special she is…what an impression it has left on my heart. All too often I take for granted that someone knows how much I care…so I fail to share. I can’t tell Eboo, but she has given me a gift even in her passing… to remember to share how much I care…. an important life lesson…don’t you think?  

Do you have someone you should call today! Don’t wait another minute…!

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