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An Iron clad experience…

Monday I flew into Wisconsin and drove an hour north to a small town. The hotel selection was limited, but the room was clean and fine for an overnight stay. As I got dressed the next day, I realized that I needed to press my pants…I opened the closet to pull out the ironing board and noticed that it was rather heavy as I lifted it off the hook…peering down the board I noticed that the iron was bolted to the ironing board! Really??? As I heaved it up, sure enough the iron was sitting in a metal holder.

The metal holder wasn’t the only issue…as I tried to pull the iron out of the holder I discovered that it wouldn’t budge! Unwrapping the cord was a feat in itself, but as I pulled the iron out of the metal holder it would only go so far…as a plastic cable held the iron in place! I could only pull the iron out a limited distance to press my slacks on the other end of the board….this was crazy!

How many irons do you think must have been swiped from this hotel to take this drastic step….I could think of other items I would rather have than a hotel iron… 🙂

Just another travel day made up of unusual events!

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