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Working From Home with Toddlers

How the world has changed since 2020 when Covid entered into our country. Who would have ever thought they would be working from home, much less with all you kids there too! Preschool and elementary schools shut down? You have suddenly become a working mom with toddlers, and/or preschoolers at home.

We all know that busy hands are happy hands...with childcare and preschool closed, moms were left with a full time job as well as becoming a creative whirling dervish finding activities to keep their kids busy in order to attend a conference call.

Nap time becomes even more important if you made the decision to continue working at home even when Covid restrictions were lifts. When my children were little we lived in a neighborhood with lots of toddlers and we really worked together to help each other out so mothers that needed to be somewhere without their children could.

Today, there are many ways to handle play time at home, when it is nap time, that is when the crying...screaming and often temper tantrums go into full swing! My mother had a great solution that work for myself and my three siblings so I used it with my 3 toddlers as well as with my grandson. During Covid, I was board and decided to write a book using my mother's napping process so I could share it with parent who had toddlers knowing that it had worked for three generations in my family!

The Nodders What! You Don't Want to Nap is an award winning children's book. It is filled with early learning so that parents can read it over and over asking questions about colors, shapes, objects, animals and more to help toddlers get ready for preschool.

We now have additional products to help get a toddler to nap. My Nap Time Sticker Chart help motivate and celebrate nap time with special sticker to go on the Nap Time Chart. We have just introduced our soft and cozy Nodder blanket which is reversible gray and white with the Nodder characters, Check out our other products on or on Amazon.

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