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Motor Skills: What We Should Know as a Parent with Toddlers

The development of motor skills is age-related and very important for your baby's physical strength and movement. The factors that influence a child's skill development are many. It is the child's background maturation, physical characteristics, ability to understand, cultural values, behaviors, and special needs Motor skills do not just come as birthday presents. They must be nurtured, promoted, and practiced. Teachers, caregivers, and family members are key players to promote and nurture the development of motor skills in all young children.

These fun exercises can help children improve their balance and learn to better master their bodies.

1. Stand on One Foot – Not every child will be able to master it immediately. If your child is having trouble with this, have them first stand on one foot while keeping the other on a stool. When the child improves, replace the stool with a ball. Be sure to do this with both legs. Always make a game out of it, see how long they can balance on each leg and then have them try it with their eyes closed.

2. Play Hopscotch – This is a classic activity. It’s great for developing balance and kids love it.

3. Stand on a Balance Board – These boards can be difficult for anyone. You and your child can take turns trying to stay on the board for as long as you can.

4. Balance a Beanbag: On Your Head – Give your child a beanbag and have them keep the beanbag balanced while walking in different ways. Have your child walk around or dance to music with beanbags balanced.

5. Clapping hands, picking up and putting objects down

6. Rolling play dough

7. Shaking Musical Instruments

8. Water play

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