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So what’s the delay…


Have you ever crawled in bed in the evening and wondered where in the world your day went? Happens to me more than I like to think. The man in my life says I generate several lists daily…he seems to know when I’m doing it…how can I be so transparent without even opening my mouth?

I have numerous ways to generate and keep lists. Today’s mobile technology and apps really help keep me generate to-do’s. I love the Geo-fencing capabilities of being reminded of something when 

leave or arrive at a certain location. My phone is an extension of my brain…supporting my forgetfulness.

Something usually prevents me from checking all the items off my list….there are interruptions…I get sidetracked…I am putting out fires(family or work), a friend need help…my grandson runs a fever and needs to be picked up. I think it is called Life Happens…

Several weeks ago, I was so busy that I left the house only to return and as I opened the door, I knew something was terribly wrong as I smelled an oder……and then saw the exploded hard boiled egg everywhere. Thank goodness the house didn’t burn down…the cleanup definitely delayed my list.

For me…out of sight is out of mind. I think I will remember…but somehow I get busy being busy and forget. Do you ever put too much on your list? Maybe that is the delay in my writing lately…I have so much to do that one of the things I enjoy the most gets pushed down my list…

I must admit that there are times when I am just too tired to think and compose…writing isn’t always like water rolling of a duck’s back. I often wonder if I really have something interesting to say or communicate. I will get a good idea…like last week about being a mother…and miss the opportunity as I came up with the idea the day after Mother’s Day!

In my quiet time today, I was reminded that it is ok to make plans…BUT…to make them tentative as God may have other opportunities arise that are more important than what is on my list. Instead of looking for all the things I think need to be done, just focus on the first item and then see what turns up as the next item to do…that was an interesting way to consider how to order my day. As I sat down to catch up on my email…I received an email about one of my blogs someone read…thus here I am writing and finding joy in my day.

I will always be a list maker…but I think I will try to cut myself some slack when my list isn’t checked off at the end of the day. It might be interesting to add what I have done that wasn’t on my list to see how God has reordered my steps for the day…that might be an interesting story to share in a few weeks.

Today’s Tip…Trust God to order your day whether at home or at work. I will let you know what I discover. Have a blessed day not being in charge!

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