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Singles celebrate this day!

    Valentine’s Day is special for many in love or in a relationship…gift giving…a special dinner…hot cards…romance in the bedroom…the whole nine yards. Did you know there are couples in love who actually don’t celebrate the day because they feel every day is special for the one they love…it works for them but, if I ever meet the right man you better believe I will be celebrating!

Then there are the rest of us…about 54 million singles looking or not looking for love…trying to figure out what in the world to do with ourselves on this day of hearts and flowers.One thing we don’t have to worry about is being disappointed!  Years ago, Valentine’s Day was something I preferred to forget…put it behind me…ignore…until a dear friend  invited a group of single women to her home for a Valentine’s Dinner….that dinner changed my thoughts about Valentine’s day!Photo by qthomasbower In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. Khalil Gibran

I arrived at my friend’s home to enjoy a fabulous gourmet dinner set around a lovely table with a hand painted piece of pottery for each guest (she is an artist). While enjoying wine with 7 amazing women, the room was filled with stories that made us laugh and gave me a peek into the lives of those around the table. Each guest had been asked to bring a small gift to be exchanged after dinner as we sipped a lovely liqueur…what better way to complete our evening. Driving home I reflected on the evening and realized that there was much more to this day than I had ever thought about.

So as a single how can you enjoy today…

Celebrate love in your family and friendships…this year I have the blessing of sharing Valentine’s Day with my daughter who was born on Valentine’s Day…so I am cooking a delightful dinner for us to enjoy! As a good friend reminded me most of us have loved ones around us to share this day with…even if you aren’t a cook, you make plans to meet for drinks…or go out to dinner. If family isn’t close…think about your single friends that you don’t get to spend time with and make plans to hang out or dine out!

Do something special for yourself…PAMPERING is a great thing for guys as well as gals!  Even if you are on a budget choose something fun to do for yourself. Ideas could be a manicure…a pedicure…a visit to a museum or rent a movie. Consider relaxing with a massage or facial(there are lots of Groupons available). Enjoy living…this is your life so live it well even if you are single!

 Photo by Kate Ter Haar

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