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Dispelling an assumption…

This morning I had an early flight home…the taxi arrived at the hotel about 5:30 am…though I am an early riser, leaving for the airport at this time of day just didn’t seem right. I should be exercising or working at my computer…not schlepping my luggage, computer bag, purse and cup of coffee out the hotel door (even I was impressed that I didn’t spill the coffee). An unshaven man in jeans and t-shirt appeared from the taxi with a friendly greeting. As he took my bags…I slid into the back seat of the warm vehicle keeping to my thoughts as he exited the hotel driveway.

“What airport?”he asked…”Midway”…hummm an English speaking American driving this cab…very unusual for my Chicago trips…small talk began as I sipped my hot coffee…always checking to be sure I knew the route we were taking to the airport…I asked him how long he had lived in Chicago….”All my life… not far from the hotel”…I’m thinking…that’s interesting as I am staying in a very nice suburb of Chicago…a discussion ensues about how few English speaking Americans drive cabs….”What did you do before this?”…”I’m a chemical engineer…after several mergers and the down economy… I lost my job. You can always find work…you just have to be willing to lower your expectations. I’m single and didn’t want to be a burden on society so I took this job. I like people and figure I can do this for now.” I was blown away…we continued our conversation for the thirty minutes ride…he jumped out of the cab and carried my bags to the Southwest baggage handler… (that was a first!) wished me a good day and off he went.

Assumptions… Have you ever considered the power of an assumption and how it can effect  your thinking.

The impact can be as small as missing out on a conversation to as big as the loss of a business opportunity. It can result in action or inaction, drawing a wrong conclusion, closing a door, severing a friendship or ending a relationship.

How often do you assume the worst….or the best (rose color glasses approach)? I find when I assume, I haven’t asked enough questions….I once assumed that teachers attending my technology training would bring their laptops…only half did!

It can alter ones approach, hinder the ability to connect, solve problems or address issues…

The definition of assumption was enough to make me think:

  1. a statement that is assumed to be true from which a conclusion can be drawn

  2. audacious (even arrogant) behavior that you have no right to

  3. the act of assuming or taking for granted

Assumption….A powerful word if given the opportunity….quite a message to receive on the way to the airport.

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