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Comfort and joy….

Well here we are at the end of the year…I was sad about this holiday because it was the first time in 58 years I wasn’t at my parents home for Christmas…how I miss the presence of my daddy…This has been a year of firsts for me…My first Christmas dinner in my house…a bitter sweet season…. I did discover it was more sweet than bitter.

As my children arrived from Michigan with puppy in hand and from California with girlfriend  on arm my house was quickly filled to the brim when my two that live in Nashville arrived to join the group….unforgettable moments from four days of fun…Below are a journal of thoughts I experienced over our holiday!

How many times could I go to the grocery…even with a list. Eggs, eggs and more eggs. Thanks goodness for Walgreens! I need to get back to work just to recoup my excessive grocery bill. Cook, wash, cook, wash…it never seems to end!

Layla… what can I say…a cute, white, furry puppy often overwhelmed with all the people in the house…. We often found presents that we really didn’t want. Watching where you stepped was an absolute must! Adding Bruiser (a male silky) to the mix was recipe for laughter…both fixed and yet infatuated with one another….you can only imagine 🙂

Showering…..all that water, gas and electricity…. I watched my electrical box spinning out of control…I can definitely wait to see that bill!

Noise factor….out of site! What is it about getting grown kids together and they suddenly become 15 again. My 33 year old left with rug burns on his elbows on Christmas Eve! Laughter is good for the soul….also a reminder of what my house was like over the years.

Stocking stuffers…what was I thinking when I got those balloon balls attached to rubber bands???? I was doing some serious praying that nothing would be broken as I watched a family enjoying one another! A good time had by all.

Two by two they came and two by two they left…a teary me remained to wash the sheets, take down the tree, and figure out what to do with all those leftovers!

Now I sit in my carpet stained family room, in silence with my thoughts….I am so blessed to have healthy, kind and caring children (as well as those I inherited) , blessed to live in a free country, and blessed to have friends. It was a wonderful Christmas even though the year brought sorrow in the loss of friends and loved ones.

How about you?  Have you had time to take a load off those feet and reflect on your blessings big and small! Before the night ends share with someone what’s been good in your life. It will be a great way to bring this year to a close and celebrate the dawn of 2010. Happy New Year to all!

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