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All those holiday cards…Oh my!

Happy New Year from The Traveler! Have you taken down the tree…put up the decorations…returned unwanted gifts? All that is left is that glorious stack of Christmas Cards you received.

Did you know…. In 1843, Sir Henry Cole started the custom of sending the first Christmas Card. John Horsley, his friend illustrated the first card. The card  was composed of three panels. Two of the panels showed caring for the poor and the center panel was a family having a large Christmas dinner…About 1000 were printed and sold for a shilling each. Prang and Mayer, a lithograph firm were the first to sell the Christmas card in America in 1874. Dwight Eisenhower issued the first official White House card in 1953!

The First Christmas Card

What do you do with all your cards?

1. I update my contact list with any new address or phone information

2. If someone sends me a Christmas Card for the first time, I add them to my Christmas Card list so I am sure to send them a card the following year

3. I toss all cards that are not Photo Christmas Cards, but for those of you who are looking for creative things to do with your cards take a look at Pinterest!


4. I use all of my Photo Christmas Cards! I love praying for friends and loved ones during the year so I take all of the photo cards… trim them…and post them on a cork board over my kitchen sink. Every time I am washing dishes or cooking. I look at that board and I pray for my friends! What a wonderful gift it is for me to see the faces of people I love and care about. Each year… I remove the old photos and post up new ones!

5. Your call to action: Add me to your Christmas list if I’m not on it now as I would love to have my readers on the board above my sink or email me a photo and I will print it out and add it to my board what fun that will be. I can always make more room for photos.

Here’s to a blessed 2014!

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