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A Disappearing Image...

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Snapchat is all about living in the moment! This social media tool is designed to open up your camera the minute you are in the app. You can quickly snap a photo with your camera, then add captions, filters, create drawings and share it to the public or private group of friends. Snaps are designed to automatically delete once they have been viewed by all recipients. Unopened snaps to a group are deleted after 24 hours. As a parent, I recommend going to Snapchat Support to answer questions you might have:


I have many apps, but not Snapchat so I had to give it a try to understand why it is used by 229 million users daily! The US has the largest user base around the world coming in at 103 millions user, followed by India. Research shows that 53% of the user base is between the ages of 15-25.

I can see why teens enjoy this app. You can create your own avatar, choose and change your outfits...just like real life! It looks just like me...right?!

Once you set up your profile the user is ready to start playing. Teens can do this for hours with their friends! They have great fun using any feature of the this app to enhance their photos.

There is an area named Discover that lets the user view a friend's story as well as public stories. The more clicks the content gets the faster it trends to the top. You can imagine what that content might be. If a teen puts their correct age into their profile, the inappropriate content will be blocked....if not parents beware!

Parents who want to know more details about this app feel free to download the PDF file below.

Download PDF • 20.40MB

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