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Have you tried these cool features?

When you get a new Apple iOS update how often do you take a look in the "Tips" App? It is easy to forget that it is on your iPhone and is a great way to learn about the new features. I last wrote about the new and exciting iOS 14 and then wondered if you knew some of the cool tips for iOS 13! We have more time on our hands since we are staying home so try these features. When you are with your children or grandchildren try these feature with them...they will be impress with what you can do!

Video in Camera Mode

Have you ever been in Photo Mode and suddenly wanted to capture what you are viewing by video? By the time you swipe to Video the moment may have passed. In the camera mode, you simply touch and hold the photo button to start a video. To keep recording drag right to lock the position to capture the moment.

Burst photos

A fun way to capture an action shot of your kids or grandkids. When you are at the beach tell your grandchildren to get in a group and jump at the same time and raise their hands on the count of three while you drag to the left to capture a series of high speed photos.

Swipe Slide to Type

This feature allows you to type a word by simply moving from letter to letter without lifting your finger. Here are some steps to turn on this feature and give it a swirl.

  1. Tap your Settings button - Select General

  2. Scroll down to Keyboard

  3. Scroll down to Slide to Type - if the button is gray slide it to green to make it active. Exit out of Settings and return to the Message app

  4. Click in the message box and then slide your finger to spell "how". Simply hold your finger on the keyboard and slide from the "H" to the "o" and not picking up your finger on to the "w". Then pick up your finger! You do not have to worry about capitols when you start the sentence!

Use Reader View on iPhone and iPad

Sometimes we don't know about some handy features such as how to read an article or recipe on your iPhone or iPad in Reader View. Once you set up how you want to view articles you will long press (press and hold) the "AA".

  1. Open Safari

  2. Choose an article or recipe to read

  3. Click on the "AA" to the left of the URL and a window will pop open. You can make the text smaller or larger. In this window, you can also choose "Reader View" to change the font and a different background color.

  4. Tap the "AA" again to see the changes

Apple Maps Though we are not traveling very much around the USA, Apple Maps provides a "look around street view" for the following cities:

  • San Francisco

  • Las Vegas

  • Honolulu and Oahu

  • New York City

  • Houston

  • Boston

  • Philadelphia

  • Washington D.C.

  • Los Angeles

  • Chicago

360 Street Level View

This allows you to view a particular part of the city with a 360º street-level view in 3D which is really cool. If this is available, you will see a camera appear such as the one in the first image. As you move the camera around with your finger you will see different images appear above the map like a camera view of that area.

2D View

A view that is on your iPhone Map App. chose the river view in downtown Nashville to capture in 2D. Pinch the map out until you see the building shapes like in figure #1. Using 2 fingers on one hand gently drag your finger up to get a 2D view of the city.

Express yourself when texting with Animoji and Memoji

Here is an activity you can do with a grandchild to send to a Mom or Dad as a text message or have your child send a message to a grandparent that will brighten their day!

Animoji messages are customized animated messages using your voice and reflecting your facial expressions..

1. Open the Message app and click in the message box

2. Click on the Animoji to select a character.

3. Bring your face into view. Move you head and make facial expressions as you talk and then send your message to a special person!

Create your own Memoji

1. Open your Message app and select the Memoji button.

2. Click the three dots and click New Memoji

3. Create your likeness or a funny personality

4. Choose skin tone, hair, brows, eyes, and so on by sliding across the list until you are happy with your Memoji. When complete you will have a page of funny Memoji stickers to text with!

Texting with Memoji

  1. Open the Messages app and select an existing message or start a new one

  2. Tap on the text field

  3. Tap the smiley face emoji in the bottom left corner

  4. Tap on Memoji Stickers and choose one

  5. You can access Memoji Stickers from the Messages App Strip as well as from the frequently used emoji section.

Leave me a questions in the comment box if there is something you would like to learn about your iPhone or iPad!

I have attached a step guide on these features!

iOS 13 Tips
Download PDF • 29.90MB

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1 Comment

Elizabeth O'Shea
Jan 16

Thanks, Tina - your tips on the new IOS 14 are very helpful. Now if I can just remember them all….

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