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What’s your attitude about Gratitude?

Gratitude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. 

How does the word Gratitude define who you are? Thanksgiving is a time for many families to get together for relentless eating, relaxation and hopefully some mindful reflection on the blessings in their life.

It may appear to some that gratitude comes from good fortune, or privilege…for those with an easier life, but I believe that gratitude can be seen through anyone’s eyes and is often seen best by those moving through challenges and struggles.

For me… the emotionGratitude shows up when I am supported by others during a challenging time, an unexpected blessing that appears in my life….my grandson brings laughter to my soul…struggles eventually subside and I see how I have grown…

For some… the emotion is seen when unexpected work appears and a bill can be paid…a basket of food left by a friend….a positive medical report provided by the doctor…a child or spouse returns from war. What is on your Gratitude List? Jot down your thoughts…sometimes we fail to recognize the blessings that have flowed into our lives because we are too busy to reflect.

The harder question for reflection is…when was the last time you gave away a kindness…today known as “paying it forward”? Ahhh…Gratitude…the ACTION!

Maybe you can say Job well done….maybe So…So…or you may be reflecting with a sighing …Oh No.

Actions speak louder than words…so create another list to complete before the end of the year. Look around you to see who might benefit from your kindness during a difficult time. It doesn’t always require money…something simple like being available to help. The good news is that research shows when we help others, our positive actions benefit us as well!

So reflect first today…share your gratitude with others… and consider this: if we all gave one gift of gratitude our world would indeed begin to change for the better.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow

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