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What annoys you…

Have you ever been in a meeting… on a plane…or with family members who have an annoying habit that drives you nuts? In the last few weeks, I have been on a number of planes and have found my attention being drawn to an annoying habit that can drive me up a wall….make me feel like someone is running their fingernails down a black board which sends shivers down my spine!

Why can’t we ignore that silly habit….what makes us look continually at that person across the aisle….or sitting in the chair next to us when we would really like to be anyplace, but near to the annoyance!

So what is a nervous habit…do people really not realize what they are doing….do they even know how much it can drive us crazy. Do the same annoyances bother everyone or only a few people? Is it something they simply can’t help or don’t realize what they are doing? Do you have one…or do you do an annoying habit that you are very aware of?

 In the last few weeks…I have seen quite a few….how about you!

  1. Twirling a lock of hair…a girl with natural curly hair twirled a strand round and round until it was somewhat straight…then she would selectanother and twirl it…this continued for about 30 minutes until she had meticulously un-twirled all her hair and put it up on her head. I have also seen women twirl the same long stand of hair and the check the ends for slit ends. Some believe this is done due to stress or anxiety.

  2. Shaking leg syndrome….a man sat next to me shaking his leg for the entire flight….I felt my seat move the whole time…it felt like it was vibrating…not something you want to feel for a two hour flight. Does this person have ADHD?

  1. The pen clicker….in a business meeting and someone is clicking a pen open/shut…open/shut…open/shut….makes you want to go grab that pen from their hand and replace it with a Number Two yellow pencil with NO clicker!

  2. Thumb twiddler….this isn’t so annoying as I just wonder why people get in the habit of doing it…is it inherited? My grandmother twiddled her thumbs all the time when she was sitting and one of my siblings does it. This is apparently a lost art!  

  1. Popping gum….have you even been with someone that chews gum and makes a snapping sound every time they chew it?…that gets old really fast. Is this done to annoy or just be obnoxious?

  2. Cracking your knuckles….drives me crazy…I get shivers of my spine and I want to cringe 


I didn’t realize how many nervous habits I find annoying…guess it’s a good thing they all don’t happen at the same time!

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