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Unhinged during the holiday season?

I am sitting at my hotel desk thinking about my menu for  Thanksgiving….I didn’t begin this blog a month ago…a week ago…but this morning. I am a planner…someone who loves a holiday and planning ahead for the BIG MEAL….the older I get ….it seems the less time I have for planning….work has a way of interfering! This year, I have been out of town on business so much that my planning began on Sunday when I realized if I didn’t buy the turkey before I hopped on the plane…we would be having a frozen turkey dinner…literally!

Last night, I got out my trusty computer and looked up vegetable and dessert recipes…yin and yang. I am more of a yang person myself, but we all know you don’t get dessert unless you eat your vegetables!

Do you ever get into a holiday frenzy? My children would say that I do…they tell me to slow down…calm down…sit down so I don’t have a melt down! ….apparently I may not be as calm as I thought.

So why all the frenzy…the dinner is always on the table….adult beverages are available…laughter often abounds…isn’t that what the holiday is all about? As I packed my bag this morning, I thought about all that I needed to do…what will I tackle first…second…third the moment I step off the plane this evening…I am afraid I won’t be ready…so what!  Dinner can begin a little late…my sweet daughter and daughter-in-law are always around to help…good company is something I miss because I am seldom home so this year I am going to TRY to de-stress!

My thoughts sounded well and good this morning….fast forward to arriving at the airport this afternoon only to receive an tweet from Delta that my commuter flight had mechanical problems

and would be delayed….20 min…50 min…120….180 min…now my connecting flight is gone…three hours later the back up flight is gone…

I’m steamed as my plans are all out the window…I have just arrived in Atlanta 3 hours late and waiting on the last plane. I was blessed that someone drop out so I could get a seat! Me in a frenzy…of course….I can not lie because my daughter will read this blog and she heard it all in my voice when we talked tonight!

All I could do was find the closest Sky Club with an adult beverage

to sip on in order to keep my mouth closed. Gigi always said “If you can say something nice don’t say anything at all.” I didn’t remember that part in NC…so I am trying hard to practice it here in Atlanta.

Today I learned that when you want to turn over a new leaf…expect the unexpected to test your attitude….I failed the test, but tomorrow is another day….an I plan to make the best of it and love my life and all that comes with it.

I am so thankful for my friends, my family, my job and my life…as trying as it gets sometimes. God is good….I live in a free country…I have the ability to speak freely and attend my church. How many around this world can do all these things?

God bless you all on Thursday…let us always remember the principles that this country was founded on and be thankful that we have privileges that many do not enjoy. Eat well…laugh loud….and relax!

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