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Toss cookies…help protect your privacy!

Being a technology specialist means that I am constantly learning about Technology….my friends might tell you I know everything about technology…I know a good bit, but NOT EVERYTHING. Acquiring new information on a daily basis can be a daunting task as it is non-stop!

During the holiday, I had a chance to enjoy the morning news with a cup of coffee and a news bite caught my eye….”5 Ways to Stop Companies From Tracking You on the Internet”. I thought I knew the areas to protect myself online..I had not modified my preference on my new laptop….nor had I kept up new critical ways to modify my preferences to ensure the safety of my personal information.  Every time you search and shop your name, email, and user name is being collected and often sold to other online vendors. These tips are important and everyone needs to go to the preferences of your Internet browser and review your Privacy and Security preferences.

Companies are tracking what you are searching for…Have you ever noticed that all of the sudden you begin receiving unknown emails for home repairs…think back….did you recently conduct a search about repairing an item in your house. I conducted a search two weeks ago about Raspberry Keytones from a segment on a Dr. Oz’s show…before I knew what was happening the next 2 days I was inundated with emails about where to purchase Raspberry Keytones.

TODAY protect yourself with these 5 steps to stop the tracking.  Well over half of the Internet Vendors use code from Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Our name, email and user name as well is being captured…we are constantly being monitored….how do you feel about that?

Start protecting yourself with the steps below from John Sileo, America’s Expert Identity Theft Speaker. These screen shots are for the Safari Browser to show an example. Tweet me @hugginst if you have questions on how to do this on your computer. Share this blog with your friends!

1. Enable private browsing so you are more private

  2. Select do not track – in your Browser Preferences 

  3. Clear your cookies without throwing up!

Cookies are tiny bits of text stored on your computer by you web browser.  Pros and Cons for Clearing cookies: Accepting cookies allows the site to open more quickly the next time you visit as it recognizes your information. A third party cookie is known as a tracking cookie generally from a third party advertising site. Advertisers use “Flash Cookies which can still work in Private mode. You can set your browser to accept first party cookies which will allow you to login to the websites you visit and uncheck “Accept Third Party Cookies”.

4. Log out of Facebook and Google so your idenity isn’t tied to your surfing behavior.

5. Disposable email address for purchased and then the address goes away.         Top Six Disposable Email Address Services

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