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The worst seat in the house…

The worst seat in the house…..


Flying on a regular basis has it’s benefits….when I make my travel plans I usually have a nice selection of seats. Airlines often block seats close to the front of the plane, and exit rows for customers who travel on a regular basis or people wirh special needs  (if that doesn’t make you want to fly more I don’t know what will!). When I travel I usually have a seat toward the front of the plane.

As many a passenger, I sometimes HAVE to visit the loo….it is never much fun as I weave up or down the aisle navigating feet or arms that are invariably out too far in the aisle and wondering what I will find when I enter the loo…for women squatting is a feat in itself…especially in a plane.

Today, I flew in a commuter (small) jet…I knew better than to have a Fresca, so I waited for several people to come and go down the aisle…finally…. it was my turn! As I approached the back of the plane I could see the loo on the left and two women on the right in the dreaded last two seats of the plane. Not only did they have the pleasure of people opening and shutting that loo door throughout the flight, they also had the seats that don’t recline….what a deal! They looked at me and smiled; told me the door was quite narrow….In I went….thinking about  the aroma they had to endure…I exited as quickly as possible and the three of us laughed…a lively conversation ensued.

Ilene and Mel

Making the best out of a stinky situation!

I love how three women can strike up a conversation with each other instantly because of an airplane restroom.  Ilene and Mel (gals email me if I misspelled your names) were sisters on their way to visit a friend and making the best of the worst seats in the house…they took it all in stride…cocktails were a must in a situation like this…

I am sure others on the plane thought we knew each other as I went to my seat for my camera…It was just too good to pass up this funny moment in time…Making fun of a not so fun experience!

Travel Tip:

1. Make airline reservations as soon as you plan to take a trip. At least 4 to 6 weeks ahead lets you have better seats on the plane. Last minute tickets are more expensive and the seats limited.

2. Travel with someone – having someone to laugh with makes any difficult situation better.

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