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I am like most mothers with children that live away from home….I can never get enough time with them. I remember when my oldest went off to college and I would go past his bedroom and look at the empty bed and often weep because I missed him so much.

Today, my children are grown…the oldest lives in Nashville so when I need what I call a “Stratton fix” it usually isn’t difficult..with my other two, it isn’t quite so easy! My daughter is in Michigan…not too far from Chicago…always a good spot to shop and a fun get away to spend time together when we feel the need.

If you haven’t ever driven down Hwy. 1 it is a must for any trip to California…something I call breathtakingly beautiful!

While flying out, my laptop decided to take a dive and die on me…not a good thing going to a corporate meeting at Apple….talk about a little rain on my parade…as we made our way to Santa Cruz, I found out that I could return to Apple the next morning and leave my computer to be repaired…not really a part of our plan, but flexibility became the name of the game. After a delightful breakfast, we put the top down on our white mustang and headed to San José. By one o’clock our hair was flying and music jammin’ as we headed down the highway enjoying the coastal view.

Over the last few days, it has occurred to me that while my role as mother has changed, I miss being involved with my children (in a healthy way).  Leaving home doesn’t mean one has arrived..growing up is continual…like me, my children are learning, changing, and becoming their authentic self. My career makes it easy for my life to get so busy that I miss these changes in their lives…I want to witness as much of their story as I can.

So today, I can tell you this…I will be doing more travel to California and Michigan!

If you haven’t seen one of your children lately…maybe you should consider taking a trip.

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