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The invasive body pat down….

I am writing this blog as I wait for my delayed United flight…it always happens on a Friday. As I look out the window at the runway lights and evening flights are coming and going out of the terminal…I am reflecting on my walk thru security that had me in tears. As a seasoned traveler….I know what to wear going thru security. For those readers that know me…. I do not look like a threat to our nation…

I remember how I felt when I went thru the first full body scanner… and continue to feel uncomfortable every time I have to raise my hands over my head and stand for 10 seconds to have someone view my body…like most travelers we eventually succumb to this uncomfortable process in order to travel.  Today topped it all. I stood in the body scanner…nothing in my pockets….walk out to get my bag…when to my surprise I was asked to hold out my hands while they were swiped down and a female TSA agent proceeded to give me a complete body pat down…when I say complete…I mean complete

…breasts fully touched and rubbed as well as my inner and outer legs….I have never felt so disgusted and embarrassed…what did they find? NOTHING….I knew they wouldn’t find anything and yet I had to be put through an invasive process for NOTHING…I understand the need of the machine….but if someone can’t do their job better than what was done today…we need a better process. Who manages the TSA Agents who go too far with the regular American citizen.

I later learned from airline assistants that O’Hare has one of the most overly aggressive TSA and encouraged me to send in a report…I plan to do that once I get home…thus a traveler’s tale of woe!

This photo says it all!

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