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Thank goodness for Mama


I woke this morning thinking about how different my life would have been without my mother’s touch in raising me to be the woman I am today. My “Mama” was lovely…gentle…kind…creative…nurturing…and selfless….always putting others needs before her own.

She was a seamstress…a fabulous cook and homemaker…the orchestrator of events…and my negotiator when it came to affairs of the heart…(curfews and parties). She was a tease behind the scenes…when it came to April Fool’s pranks she could out prank the best! Though often reserved and quiet she had a wit that I really enjoyed in her later life and a twinkle in her gorgeous blue eyes that everyone noticed.

Mama had a servant’s heart making soup for her those with cancer…delivering hundreds of meals to those in need and baking thousands of cookies for events, schools and anyone staying in the guest room of our home. She was a faithful prayer and had a wonderful heart for the Lord…I learned much by watching how she handled life…Big D and we four children.

Most don’t get to choose their mother so I feel especially blessed that I had such a wonderful mentor…she wasn’t perfect, but she was the best…All that I watched and learned helped form how I mother my three children…who mean more to me than life.

Mothering is a big responsibility and often a challenging job…memories of my mother taught me that a mother’s love is ongoing…a work in progress (as we don’t always get it right) and it doesn’t end when the children leave the nest…Thank goodness.

Mother’s Day Quotes for today:

“As is the mother, so is her daughter.” -Ezekiel 16:44

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.” -Anonymous

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