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Team work…

Last week I returned to my business travel schedule and found myself with a cancelled flight, missed connection, mismanaged luggage and lots of frustration in the Atlanta airport.  The flight was cancelled due to mechanical which I could understand, the missed connection was a result of the cancellation, the mismanaged luggage was the icing on the uncake. My children would have been glad they weren’t around….as I went into demand mode.

In every corporation, business or family unit or athletic group there is a need for teamwork. If one person drops the ball… reaching a goal, winning a game, or meeting a customer or family member’s need will fall short. One person can negatively effect the outcome. Case in point… A pink luggage tag was given to a baggage handler who didn’t see the importance of attaching it to my bag thus preventing me from getting my bag when I got off the plane for an unexpected overnight stay. As a result, the baggage handler and her manager had to hear my frustration and I had to wait 30 minutes to get the issue resolved. Thank goodness for the two women being team players. They worked hard to find some resolution to a situation that wasn’t my fault.

It was a reminder to me about how important each person is in a team. When one slacks there are always repercussions. A successful team is one in which each person recognizes his/her importance to the whole.

Challenge: Strive each day to be the best team member you can be.

Tip: Always have your airline 800 number in you wallet. If your flight is cancelled, call the 800 number and have them find a new flight for you to take…save time and not stand in line.

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