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Soul Mate Search…

I always looked at my parents and was amazed at how much they loved each other. Every marriage has there challenges…but I never grasped the term “Soul Mate”. Oh, I know the meaning…but often wondered what that must feel like…why does it only happen to certain couples. My brother, three years younger, is married to an amazing woman…they are “Soul Mates”. They finish each others sentences, can quote most funny movie lines together (unexpectedly) and move through challenges with an increased love for each other. I think most marriages start out believing the person you are marrying is the right one.

I began my “Soul Mate” search several years after my divorce….I met and dated some terrific…some not so terrific men as I looked for the right one. My kids often teased me about the names I had given to a number of men that I had become an exhausting experience! After 11 years of looking, I decided to give up..(I think this was the key to my mission)


A Soul Mate is a wonderful name…I think it is probably different for everyone. I


Today, I begin a new journey with this incredible man that I love with all my heart. Mark Frisse…you were well worth the wait! I love you very much…see you at two this afternoon!

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