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OCD’s dream come true…

The other day I was traveling to Missouri. I landed in Springfield at their brand new airport. New airports are always interesting to see….they are spacious, clean, new furniture and shops that take care of whatever we left at home. I quickly got my car and was on my way. Upon my return I made it through the security and headed straight to the ladies room. I always love it when an airport designer makes the bathroom doors swing out rather than in….My vocabulary is often colorful when trying to get into a bathroom stall with my luggage, purse, and coat. Some of the doors are so narrow that by the time I drag my luggage in sideways I almost fall in the toilet as I try to shut the door since my luggage is often preventing the door from shutting. It is the most difficult part of the bathroom experience.

Well on this day, I was delighted to see doors swinging outwards! I easily made it inside at which point I was totally amazed at what I saw…a toilet seat with a lip to hold as the lid was raised. Though I found this fascinating, I wasn’t sure why this was in the ladies restroom (except for the cleaning crew)…I was so impressed that I had to take a photo…forgetting to turn off the flash caused me to hestiate leaving while people were still in the restroom.

What I would have done years ago to have had toilets like this with 3 men in my house….ladies you know what I am talking about. We take a piece of toilet paper and lift that lid because we don’t want to touch the inside of the toilet seat when it is time to clean…we know about all those germs thanks to Dr. Oz. It is enough to bring night sweats on someone with OCD!

I think someone is missing the target market on this one…what woman wouldn’t want one in every bathroom….It might even encourage men to raise the lid! Well…that might just be wishful thinking!

Latest innovation in the toilet seat!
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