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Infringing seat space…

I am actually writing this blog in the air while trying out Delta’s Wifi on the airplane. It was free due to my flight being delayed. A great way to quell frustrated passangers…when offered the cards I couldn’t refuse!

Once the announcement gave the go ahead to use electronics I  got setup…and connected…all is right in the world….

All of the sudden… I am about to eat my monitor! Some man in front of me has decided to take a siesta! He has reclined where no man should recline!

This might not matter to some…just those trying to work, a claustrophobic, or anyone needing to use the restroom …I pulled back as far as possible trying work with a partially closed laptop.

I had a thought…go to the restroom to get him to move up his seat…a robust person would have been locked in for the duration of the flight….I squeeze out…accidentally bumping the seat in front of me…he never looked up, nor did he make a move to adjust his seat when I returned and said…”I’m sorry, it is very difficult for me to get in and out.” His response….nada.

Travel Courtesy….

1. Don’t get so engrossed in your own sphere that you forget those around you.

2. Check before you recline

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