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How naked is a full-body scan?

You may have heard about it, you may have seen it, but have you actually been in it?

Today, I was in the Indianapolis airport going through security and instead of going thru the metal detector, I was selected to step into a security structure that I thought was the air puffer (air blows over your body). I was directed into the machine by a female TSA and told to stand on two green foot prints and position my arms over my head and then rotate to another pair of yellow foot prints and put my arms straight ahead…This was no puffer! I had just had a full body scan.

Someone off in a private room had just viewed my body and was speaking to the agent through an ear piece asking what I was wearing around my neck….she told him a chunky necklace, another question was asked and I was told I could go. After asking some questions I found out that I could have said no to their request and I would have been given a full pat down search by a female TSA instead.

Words can’t describe how it felt knowing someone had just viewed my body through my clothing…I was told that my face was blurred and there was no way my idenity would be known…that didn’t make me feel any better.

I want to feel safe when I travel and am glad that we have security to protect us as a nation, but as a woman I would rather have a pat down by a female agent than the experience I had today.

Travel Rights: At this time, it is your right to decline the full-body scan. The TSA cannot make you go into the machine if you say no. Just know that you will more than likely have to have a full pat down.

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