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How cool is Apple's iOS 14 ....VERY!

This new iOS 14 will be released this fall and is compatible with these iPhone

  • iPhone 11 and 11 Pro & Max

  • iPhone Xs, Xs Max, XR, X

  • iPhone 8, 8Plus

  • iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

  • iPhone SE 1st and 2nd Generation

  • iPod Touch 7th Generation

Everyone should be excited about the upcoming fall release of iOS 14. There is something cool and beneficial for everyone! Here are just a few of the new features we will enjoy!

Home Screen

This new design allows more customization with widgets, via a new App Library. In addition, the user can add "Widgets" or small little software programs with live updating information for maps, photos, and news. Widgets can be dragged from Today's View to the Home Screen in any different size. A small version of Weather will show Today, while a larger version will show several days. You can even hide the home screen view for a clean phone interface via home screen in the Settings.

Widgets Change

Stacks - Users have the ability to stack up to 10 widgets on top of each other to better utilize space in the Home Screen and Today View. A stack might show you News in the morning, Calendar events as they arise and music at night. Size change - View size can now be small, medium or large.

The Today Center (swipe from left to right)

to see a new look with redesigned widgets. All widget options can be viewed in the Widget Gallery by long pressing on the display, and choosing "Edit Home Screen", then tapping on the "+" button.

App Library

This version of the iOS will show all apps in an organized, in easy to navigate view. There is also a new panel when you swipe left at the home screen named App Library. This is organized into categories such as Productivity, Reference, Creativity, Health, Games and so on. Each folder shows the three apps in that category that you use most often. At the top of the App Library you will see a Suggestions folder.

Picture in Picture

Allows you to watch videos or videoconference while multitasking on and iPhone with iOS14. This window can be moved and resized.

Phone calls, FaceTime and third party apps like Skype will no longer take over your entire phone, it will appear as a banner similar to other notifications.

Siri also has a new interface by popping up in the bottom of the screen and answers via a banner notification.

Translator App

A new app is built right into the phone that is able to translate conversations in real time when placed between two people speaking different languages. Web page translation will be available in Safari as well as new privacy features in Safari.

Quick Guides

These trip guides provides a list of interesting places to visit in a city such as finding new restaurants and attractions. These guides have been created by trusted brands such as The Washington Post, AllTrails, Complex, Time Out Group, and others.

Third Party App Default

For the first time users will be able to use their favorite third party apps as the default. Crome users will be able to use their favorite apps more easily.

App Clips

This new features allows users to preview "small parts" of apps quickly without downloading them which will help you discover more of what the App Store has to offer, without cluttering the home screen.

Record Indicator

Apple is introducing a camera and microphone recording indicator in the status bar. This appear as an orange dot above the signal bar. It alerts users whenever the mic or camera are being used thus giving more control over data and privacy.


You can choose to see All Messages in a single feed or it can be adjusted to just Known Senders, or Unknown Senders, making it easier to separate messages from people you don't know as well as from automated service messages sent by friends. Tap on "Filters" in the main Messages conversation list.


This new feature allows you to direct a message to a specific person in a group chat to get their attention. Simply type their name and it will highlight. Tap the highlighted name and a bubble will appear above with the contact you are trying to mention. When a conversation is muted, you will still receive alerts when someone mentions you by name

New Memoji Avatars

There will be iMessage improvements so users can now pin important conversations to the top of the feed, mention contacts inside group messages and thread messages inside group messages similar to WhatsApp. There will be an emoji search field instead of scrolling through hundreds of emoji face as well as many new Memoji Avatars.

Pinned Messages

Finding a specific text message can be challenging when looking through a long list of group threads. The new Pinned message feature will allow one to swipe right on a particular conversation and pin it to the top of the Message App. Use this with your closest contacts to easily find them. You can pin up to nine conversations.

Better Transparency Features

All apps will now be required to obtain user permission before tracking.


Maps makes it easier than ever to navigate and explore with new cycling directions, electric vehicle routing, and curated Guides.

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Some iOS14 Features
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