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Here’s to Big D…

My daddy has been gone for two years and it still seems as though it was yesterday. He was a wonderful man…a strong often imposing figure who loved me very much…he called me “Sunshine” and I named him Big Daddy. When times were the toughest I always knew he had my back. What are the special things you remember or still enjoy about your father?

Here are a few items on my list….

He had a huge heart for the Lord

He was generous and kind

He would often surprise me with red roses 

He always wrote me a thank you note when I had him over for dinner

He loved my children as if they were his own

He would roll up the oriental rug to dance with me…even in my 40’s!

He made the best scrambled egg and egg nog!

He believed in me and supported what I wanted to accomplish.

He was a hand holder…I regularly envision his hand wrapping mine!

Not everyone is blessed with a wonderful father…I certainly was and will celebrate his spirit tomorrow. Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers….you are a very important part of your child or children’s lives!

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