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Friends slipping thru the cracks of life….

Friends come in all shapes and sizes….male and female

Friends come from school…elementary, middle, high and higher ed

Friends come from work, organizations, parties…whichever you choose…political or fun

So what is a friend to you? I looked up the word friend in the Urban dictionary which gave an assortment of amusing and interesting definitions.

I’m sure the definition of a friend varies from person to person depending on values, interest and belief system. Have you ever noticed that some friendships fade into the sunset and you never really know why….or something just seems to happen and the closeness is gone…then there is the jewel of a friendship when you reconnect with someone after years and it is as if no time has ever past…you pick up right where you left off. I love it when that happens…it’s like coming home….it is special.

Last year, I had a chance to spend time with a group of women I had gone to camp with and what a relief that they recognized me! Last weekend I was with a group of gals…some that I hadn’t seen in 4-5 years…what fun to laugh and pick up as if we were never apart!

Yesterday…I was sitting in the home of a childhood friend that I have seen two times over the last 28 years and now lives on the west coast with his precious wife.. Life is good when we can travel across the country and reconnect in a short amount of time…it makes me realize even more how important it is to renew and nurture the friendships we have…

Have you thought about friends who might be slipping thru the cracks of life…we get so busy that it is easy not to spend time with friends…it happens to me because I am on the road so much…there’s not much that can beat the laughter and enjoyment of spending time with friends…a gift that keeps on giving…memories…smiles…and pleasure to your soul…thank you Wade and Debbie!

As I wait for my delayed flight I’m enjoying my cup of coffee and thinking about my jeep ride to see sights on a damp

day with my longtime friend…Seattle is a great place even in the rain….if ever here you must eat at the AQUA Restaurant which is delicious and visit the Snoqualmie Falls!Reconnect with someone today!

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