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We all move through our life experiencing the daily ebb and flow that comes with obstacles and challenges that need to be conquered…addressed…or minimized. Some days are sprinkled with joy which bless our life in so many ways….It is the normal part of our life that keeps us working toward a goal that we have set, an accomplishment we hope to meet…an attaboy or attagirl when we reach the end… Then one day, the rug is pulled out from under us….the wind is knocked out of our sails…something unexpected happens that may 

alter the rest of our life…..something reminding us of our humanity. It can be a loss…an illness…something unexpected….you’re in an abyss….grasping for answers….fighting the fear… and struggling to regain your own footing and understand a world as you now see it. I have had this happen more times than I would like and the pit of my stomach always feels the same…then comes a sense of dread… and of course the abundance of tears and deadly fear….  I often find heartache…distress…and fear of the unknown paralyze me until I take a moment and step back from the ledge. My close friends have loved me through these times, but what helps the most is my eyes looking up and remembering scriptures like …”The joy of the Lord is your strength”, “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me”, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to give you hope and a future” ….. Alone as I may feel…I am not.  As Maundy Thursday and Easter approach this week, I am reminded that Christ came so that I might live a joyous life (under any circumstance). Through each challenge and experience I continue to learn that he is sufficient to make things work together for my good. My prayer for you this Easter is…celebrate your life with Him…and if you don’t have Him in your life….just pray… he is waiting for you to ask. Moving thru any crisis can be overwhelming and difficult, but each day as I look ahead…I continue to discover that HE IS SUFFICIENT….what a comfort it becomes to rest in the palm of His hand and watch how He moves thru my life to restore my peace.

HE is Risen…how blessed are we!

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