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Am I really the boss of me?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Tina 12.11

I have always had a strong faith in God and prayer has been important in my life, but I often wondered why my plans went awry when I was faithfully seeking wisdom. It is hard when we don’t get the answer we want to our prayers…especially when the answer is “no” or “wait”. I must admit that I can be impatient when I want a sign to move forward…I sometimes forge ahead…no matter the consequences which hasn’t really worked for me!

I am finding age has it’s good points…other than the arthritis in my hands…as I have the ability to look back and see how God has been the one to orchestrate my life. Last week, my morning devotional started: Approach this day with awareness of who is boss. An interesting statement in a world filled with slogans, and articles about taking charge of your own life. Speaking from experience, I can attest that being in charge of one’s own life has its casualties.How many mornings do you get up with your plan for the day and suddenly nothing is going as YOU planned.


A disruption could be presenting me with a new opportunity, preventing an unknown calamity, or it may have nothing to do with me. God is working in the lives of many around me so the inconvenience could be around someone else’s needs, but still has an impact on what I want to accomplish.

Ten years ago, I had to close a business I had started. That was one of the most challenging times that I have had. I really believed that the business would succeed and then something unexpected happened that required it to be closed. I had no job…just debt. I decided the solution was to sell my house, clear my debt and start over. It made perfect sense, so I called

That night I prayed that God would open a door and though I couldn’t see how it would happen, I decided to let go and for once not be in charge of my life. One week later, I was unexpectedly invited to return to work for Apple and to top that off (which is hard to top) I was called to interview for a contract job which I also accepted. I was on Cloud 9 to say the least. When we think He isn’t hearing us…He is putting His plan into action…coordinating a cast of thousands I imagine. I have learned that He is not often on my time frame, but He is faithful to answer in His time frame which is always perfect. My job is to pray and remember Who is Boss.

Thought for you: Look through a different lens when your plans go awry…take a breath and consider how to adjust looking expectantly at what God is doing in your life…God is faithful.

Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established”(Proverbs 16:1-3 ESV).

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