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9 Things that Changed My Life This Year…

Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living“… a pretty powerful statement when you consider it.

The end of the year seems to be a time of reflection as I get older…I look back on some years  that have appeared bland…insignificant…definitely not a show stopper.  There have been years with no reflection as I just wanted them to go away…disappear and never be considered again.

Reflect…ruminate….cogitate…deliberate…what do you usually do?  I don’t cogitate… just saying the word – cogitate makes my insides twitch! Deliberate is too serious…so I reflect these days….gentle thinking. Is reflection for those getting older…I don’t remember reflecting when I was younger…how about you?

What I know is that I always learn something about myself upon reflection.

Looking back at the year allows us to see how we have grown…what has made our character stronger…more resiliant. I often see what challenges taught me…failures that I learned from…and successes to celebrate. I can beat myself up reflecting on the poor decisions I have made or a crazy idea that has gone awry…last week, someone special said, “Tina…you had to be who you were to become who you are.” Isn’t that the truth!

Every day…every week…every year, we are creating the tapestry of our life…in order to become who we are. Certainly there are bumps in the road, chinks in our armor that build the essence of who we are as well as help us develop better life strategies.

So what changed my life this year…

1. Time off the road to provide support for my family required me to let some things go, rest from traveland trust in God’s plan for me!

2. A grand baby in my house after 13 years of being alone…stepping over toys and sharing my office reminded me of flexibility being the name of the game and sometimes life is messy.

3. In the depth of sorrow laughter is wonderful for any soul and a tiny little one certainly brings laughter into a house!

4. Learning to play makes a fuller life…living each day with some joy and fun is a must!

5. Unwanted change often causes heartache and sorrow yet overtime I find that I become stronger, more flexible, and see growth in my faith.

6. Determination can accomplish much….and to let go when my outcomes do not immediately meet my expectations.

7. Accepting changethe sooner I embrace it…growth can take place and new doors will open.

8. Loss of loved ones …cherish each day with the ones you love…review family history…reconnect with relatives…embrace the family you have.

9. The Unexpected…sometimes in the midst of difficulty, God drops something wonderful into your life…a joy so sweet that one is caught off guard and totally surprised. The unexpected comes in many different forms…but for the receiver it is like a welcome breath of fresh air during a very hot season. For me a lovely way to enter a new year of change…

So…what changed your life this year?

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for reading “Traveler Tells”. I would love to hear what stories you have enjoyed this year and what you would like read about next year. I return to my travel in January so I am sure getting back in the travel saddle will provide me with some interesting tales.

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