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The unexpected…

Has the unexpected happened to you? An event that could be exciting, terrifying, unbelievable or extremely sad . When the unexpected happens…it usually catches us totally off guard….unprepared…throwing our world into a tailspin. All of the sudden we find ourselves creating to do lists….contacting our loved ones…realizing we have much to consider…we are immediately  OVERWHELMED!

Being overwhelmed can be paralyzing…frightening… and we experience feelings across the emotional spectrum?

Over the years, I have had quite a few unexpected events…more than I thought I would have and often more than I would like to have had…but what I discovered was that MY unexpected events built my character, required me to lean on “The One” greater than myself. The unexpected was designing the fabric of my inner being. I learned unexpected events required my making a choice as to how I responded to the situation. My most recent unexpected was sheer elated joy and easy to embrace. It’s the challenging event that I often fall short of welcoming the circumstance with grace and peace….does that happen to you?

Will I choose my glass to be half empty or half full? Will I keep my wits around me when everything seems out of my control? If the unexpected is joyous, but has it own set of challenges…is it possible to glean a gem in the midst of  difficulty.

I resoundingly say “Yes” it is possible! I have seen it from my mother when she had dementia, and  from some of my closest friends battling cancer who have shown more grace and courage around their unexpected event…never failing in the joy of their life.

I really like Andy Grammer’s song “Keep Your Head Up” as that is often what we must comment to doing….Worry doesn’t change anything we are going through…except to take away from a positive focus…I personally have to focus on the fact that God is bigger than I am and ultimately in charge, knowing the intimate details of my circumstances…without Him I falter every time!

I don’t want my unexpected to prevent me from joyous living…have you known someone who has become a cranky, curmudgeon unable to embrace the unexpected…viewing the glass always half empty…not many people want to be around that person.

So today celebrate the unexpected events in your life…be thankful that you haven’t had to move through the unexpected of others around you. Remember to Keep Your Head Up…and that your glass is really half full!  Your inner self is growing into a beautiful tapestry.

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