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The sound of silence…

This afternoon I boarded the plane for the first leg of my trip home. The few perks I have from flying weekly is the ability to board the plane first. I comfortably sat in my seat closed my eyes and relax for a moment…peace, quite….I suddenly began to feel like Mel Gibson in the movie “What women want”. It is as if I could read the minds of those around me…..

Oh the influx of ongoing cellphone conversations. Most didn’t look like they were on their cell phone as I open my eyes…..ahhh…the convenience of BLUETOOTH.

How often have you gotten in the elevator and thought someone was talking to you…”How are you?” they tilt their head and there it is….that silver bullet as if they had just been beamed up by Scottie….you quickly hold your tongue hoping you don’t look like an idiot to answer the question they were asking the person on the other end of their tooth.

Today I learned about a man adjusting to the end of a relationship…a father lovingly talk to his daughter….a man with pins in his knees from jumping out of a plane…a salesman discussing his territory and how his day went…as well as a man with a love for fishing getting ready to purchase a new rod. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like had I been sitting around women!

Have we come so far with technology that we don’t mind sharing our life so everyone can hear? I didn’t care to hear them…they just floated to my ears as  I was relaxed for a moment.

Challenge: Consider your mobile conversations when people are around you…privacy might take the place of that device attached to your ear…close your eyes and relax!

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