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The Day the Earth Moved for Mark...

It is not what you're thinking!! Late this summer, I was working in my office and went downstairs to ask my husband a question. He looked up and said, "Did hear that boom and feel the earth move?" "Nope...what are you talking about?" We soon discovered the earth had moved so much that we had no water in our house! So what happened?

Google Fiber happened!

Have you had Google Fiber in your neighborhood? You are lucky if you haven't...they arrived unannounced months ago to dig up the easement in front of every house all the way down the street. The end result was ugly orange wrapped cable sticking above ground for months. What an eye sore...they even left a hole unfilled that my husband stepped into that could have broken his leg. We were never given a heads up as to when they would return. Suddenly after months they reappeared this summer going from house to house cutting a line of concrete out of the road to lay the orange tubing and then covering the hole with a gray concrete that doesn't come close to matching the road concrete.

The infamous day that the earth moved, the team hired by Google to install their fiber were cutting the concrete when they cut the waterline to our house! Everyone else had water....we had nothing! I had planned to cook all day for a birthday party. I headed outdoors to see what had happened. A team of three from the Google group and soon after 5 more men arrived from Metro wasn't a good situation....I was out of water for the entire day! We had two massive truck that came and blocked the road in order to figure out how to resolve the issue. Thank goodness for my neighbors across the street who had a circular drive so our neighbors at the dead end were able to get in and out of our street to do what they needed to do. The Metro Water team was awesome and worked diligently until dusk to get our water back on!.

Everyone left...but the road has not been fixed since August. Clearly, it is the responsibility of the group that Google hired who caused the damage. Someone poured rocks in the hole, but it is very unsightly. None of us on the street asked for Google fiber and yet we now have it and a street that looks a mess. Why can't companies take pride in their work and clean up after the mess that they create. Metro Water did an awesome job and cleaned up after themselves!

Our side of the street Our neighbors side of the street


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