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Never forget…will we live up to the challenge?

For the last several days I have watched the media replay the events of 9/11…I traveled to Chicago today and remembered the terror I felt being in Washington DC… a mile from the Pentagon on 9/11. The horror, devastation and unbearable loss that so many families experienced brought me to tears as I watch the memories.

I was most proud of our country as we all pulled together under such dire circumstances…I felt that patriotism had return as well as a rebirth of showing pride for our country….was it short lived…have we returned to complacency? I certainly pray that we haven’t….

Let us never forget…how blessed we are…and who is our strength. God bless America… let us be ever

 vigilant that this will not happen again! I am especially grateful to our service men and women…be it military, police, firefighters for their amazing acts of courage.

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