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How's Your Life Going?

Are you overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, sad? In todays world, I imagine that most of us have these feelings on any given day. I felt this way this morning. Running a business and doing a host of other things... I find that there is never enough time to do what needs to be done.

It happens to all of us... for me it feels like a being in the midst of a hail storm. Life has an ebb and flow...with joy and excitement all around and other times, we are just trying to survive... I have to remind myself that God is bigger and in the midst the storm with me.

So many families are struggling discord, loss of a home from the hurricane, loss of a loved one who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is enough to make us want to stay in bed and pull the covers over our head. I would have liked that today....

But, no time to feel sorry for myself with much to do...up and at'em as my daddy used to say! I have a regular routine which include a quiet time to talk with my Jesus and read His word for my devotional. Most days, I am upbeat and love this quiet time. Today, I felt feeling overwhelmed, and sad for so many I love that are very ill. I knew that I needed this time more than ever as it is easy to leave God out of my life...sometimes not meaning to. Thank goodness, I have learned over the years that I am better with Him than without Him. I know that He will never leave me! He never fails to make me aware of how to look at life thru a different lens...HIS.

Who do you turn to when you need help? This morning, I had to have my husband open the Tide detergent pod bag because my arthritis is so bad, I couldn't push that button child proof down to get the pod out of the bag.

When I am down, sad, disappointed, hurt, angry...the best help for me is talking to God. There are days when my to-do list gets ahead of Him, and as I struggle, the day only get worse. Finally, I recognize that I simply needed to stop and talk to Him.

King David in the book of Chronicles was about to face battle with the Palestines, who were out to kill him. Instead of guessing that God would tell him what to do, King David asked God what he was to do...and God told him.

Lesson: Don't guess about your day as it will come with issues and struggles.

Today, I was again reminded to talk to God about what to do....then listen for His voice that will guide me through this day. It actually made me feel better and encouraged knowing that he knows me better than anyone.

Blessings to you today as you look up to Him for guidance.

Jeremiah 33.3

"Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knows not."

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Betty Anne Mills
Betty Anne Mills

WOW! Perfect timing for this message...

I so appreciate you uplifting and informative messages.

Hope you are well!


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