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Google maps…GPS (Lola)…recalculating route..

Monday I flew into New Orleans to work in a town 2 hours north.  A town so small I didn’t recognize the hotel’s name…this called for finding a hotel closer to civilization. I always use Google Map when I travel…but the site address didn’t show  up….this is never a good sign…after some searching I finally found  directions….hum…over an 70 minutes to go 43 miles….could that  really be correct….nah…it’s can’t take that long…..can it???? So I decided to plug in my GSP and see what kind of directions Lola would provide for my trek to the site. I periodically got a “recalculating route” message…but I finally arrived safe and sound a little under an hour.

I was told about a better route to take back to the hotel….very simple instructions…go straight til the road ends…turn right and stay on this road until you get to Covington…sounded simple until my driving came to a sudden halt. A large semi stretched across the 2 lane road…nothing was going past that puppy for a long time.

After twenty minutes with the county police assessing the problem, a man approached my window. “Mam, you need to turn around and drive back to Turkey Road to get round this truck.” I told him I was from out of town and didn’t know where Turkey Road was. “Did you see the trailer park about 5 miles back?” Nope…I will remember to be more observant next time I am driving in the country. “Well…Turkey Rd is next to the trailers…you gonna turn left onto a dirt road…now you drive slow cause it ain’t a good road…after about 4 miles the dirt will turn to a black top…go another 2 miles til it dead ends. You’re gonna turn left again til you hit Hwy 25 which is where we are but on the other side of that rig…you got it! (I sure hoped so)

The traffic was building behind me as I navigated a u-turn and made my way down the road…watching for the trailers I finally approached Turkey Road. It was definitely narrow, bumpy and rough just as he said…cars coming in both direction inching by each other! I gave a sigh of relief thirty minutes later when I turned right on Hwy 25….sometimes there just no substitute for a realtime navigational assistant…

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