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Beware of large purses and backpacks…

Boarding a plane can be quite an event. Yesterday there were are all types of people getting on the plane… the unseasoned traveler; a parent with car seat, stroller, diaper bag and two children; a student jamming to the infamous iPod with backpack slung over the shoulder and one of the many women with more items than allowed thinking they could compress them into two bulging carry-ons.

Several frustrations come into play when boarding a plane.

Here is mine: I am able to board early which ensures I get my luggage in the overhead and get comfortable in my seat (so I think). While is great for me, it has it’s own perils as I sit toward the front of the plane and everyone boarding is passing my seat. I have often considered putting on a helmet and breast plate to protect me from those passengers ladened down with oversized bags, purses, fishing rods, lamp shades, architectural containers, and musical instruments. It can be a treacherous fifteen minutes…I must being alert, reactive and on top of my game to dart from many of the above items that can hit me as passengers pass. So the next time you board consider these tips…


1. Walk straight do not turn left or right to ask your travel companion where you are sitting!

2. Remove backpack, computer bag or purse slung over your shoulder

3. Be aware of the passengers on the left and right aisles so that you don’t hit them with your carry-on items

4. If you hit someone by accident…quickly apologize! A little courtesy goes a long way.

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