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A heart’s desire….

How many of you have a spouse or are in a relationship with someone who travels for business? Do you hate the fact that they get to travel to cool places, have great meals, party til the cows come home and get out of the housework. To make it worse they arrive home on Friday night and the only thing they want is a home cooked meal and a good night’s sleep! All you want is to be taken out to dinner and not have to do the dishes!

Traveling has been a large part of my life for the last 15 years. When I first began traveling my friends would ask me where I had travelled…I would reply…places like New York, Ft. Lauderdale or LA. Their eyes would light up and the next words out of their mouth would be “Did you see a Broadway Show….did you do any shopping…did you sun on the beach?”

My reply has always been “This was NOT as shopping trip”…somehow it has been hard for them to understand business travel. I arrive in a city… go to the hotel…on to the site…back to the hotel…and call for room service….work in the room…sleep…get up and start over until I fly  home. It is really not as glamorous as you might think!

I often chat with men about this topic when I am on a flight home. We’re all excited about getting home…just hoping for no delays. We talk about the things we love at home…a chair, the kids, a good dinner, relaxing, normalcy…..the next part of the conversation is…I just wish she understood why I want to stay home.

I often share what I remember  as a mom at home with three children, 20 months apart. I had been cooped up….I wanted to get dressed up, have a night on the town and talk with someone over the age of 3, 4 or 5.

The truth is today I can relate to both sides of this issue. Relationships are all about give and take….changing and adapting to the desires of the one you love…more than listening…taking action toward a creative resolution that works for both.

Valentine’s Day is Sunday….maybe your gift of love will be to lovingly fix that special meal when your road warrior arrives home….and maybe his gift will be to take you out on the town the next night….I’d say the best of both worlds!  Have a great Valentine’s Day…Tina

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